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10 Things To Do In January To Keep Your Sanity

If you are bored, check out some tips inspired by Farmer's Almanac to kill some time!

1. Write thank-you notes. It’s probably the last thing you feel like doing, but if you buy yourself some beautiful notes and a nice pen, it can actually be a therapeutic task. Find a quiet spot and take a moment to thank those who made your holidays special this year. Buy some colored pens and have fun.

2. Visit a dog park. Even if you don’t own a dog, pick a sunny day (bundle up if it’s cold) and head to your local dog park. If you do own a dog, he’ll love it. Watching dogs frolic is very entertaining and doesn’t cost a dime.

3. Buy yourself (or someone else) some flowers. The supermarket has small, inexpensive bouquets that can really brighten up your desk or someone else’s day. Put a “countdown to spring” calendar nearby.

4. Visit your local library and get a library card. You may think in this digital age, you have no use for a library, but you’d be wrong. Your local library has a lot of great offerings: audiobooks; CDs; you can check out magazines, read the paper, use the computer—all free of charge. And all those books! They’re just waiting for you to check them out (when’s the last time you read a good book?) Ask the librarian for recommendations, check out their reading lists, or connect with friends on Goodreads. Also, check the notices board to see what fun events are going on in your community.

5. Enroll in a Paint Nite or Cooking Class. A great way to meet new people and create something for your hallway wall, or a new signature dish to impress your friends.

6. Take down and put away your holiday decorations. Just do it.

7. Toss items in your fridge and pantry that are old and/or expired. That includes vitamins and supplements.

8. Binge watch a new series. Ask for recommendations from friends. Better yet, binge an educational series like John Adams or Ken Burns’ Civil War to keep your history knowledge sharp.

9. Ask your bank for a free check register and start keeping track of every dime you spend this year. Say “yes” to printed receipts at every checkout, and log your spending activities at the end of each day. Even if you don’t balance your checkbook each month, or even use checks anymore, this is a great way to start the new year off on the right financial foot.

10. Enroll in an adult education program. There’s usually something for everyone. Investigate a foreign language, take an art class, or learn to play the ukulele. Some classes may even be free. Try something new and meet new people!

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